National Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

You are what you venture.

Celebrate the Future

Our vision is of a nation where every person is able to realize their full potential.

Across America today, in every community, inside garages and around coffee shop tables, America's entrepreneurs aren't waiting for someone else to decide our future. They are building it. For some it may mean a transformative technology that reshapes our world, but for most it simply means bringing an idea into fruition that provides for their family, enriches their community, and brings something of value to society.

This simple notion, what we know in America as the pursuit of happiness, has allowed a nation born in liberty to freely create, discover -- and dream big. These individual pursuits and the possibilities they promised, accumulated across our history, built our nation and changed the world. Today is no different.

Our mission is to celebrate and support entrepreneurship and innovation by all Americans

It is the entrepreneurs and the innovators whose dreams are tomorrow's reality. In our nation's capital, we are reminded of those who have come before us, but where is the monument of the present? Where can the nation look when it wants to know what its people are doing now and can do in the future? Where can Americans come together to not just remember history, but to be the makers of history?

The ultimate objective of the National Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is to create a permanent space on, or near, the National Mall. It will be a place where the celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation and the inspiration of creative confidence, is an activity that occurs every day -- reaching a significant share of the 30 million visitors to Washington, DC each year.

It will be a place where America can come to see its own productive reflection -- and where Americans may be inspired to see something new in themselves. Here, the accomplishments of our past and the incredible opportunities of the present will be clearly visible to the friends, families, and neighbors from communities across the country. It will be a place where America's endless possibilities will be on display -- and where those possibilities will never be in doubt.

We are just getting started. So is America. Join us.